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Stella Flora

“Stella Flora” is a Pecorino, Passerina, Trebbiano and Malvasia blend that reveals attractive old gold nuances thanks to the unusual cellar technique combining contact with the skins and a minimal addition of sulphur dioxide.
This well-structured wine whispers mandarin, bitter orange and hints of aromatic herbs on the nose; a dry, full-bodied wine whose palate lives up to expectations, with lavish aromas and a good finish. Recommended with poultry, boiled meats, fish and cheese; also as an aperitif.
Serve either chilled or at room temperature.



Grape variety

Pecorino 50% Passerina 30% Malvasia 10% Trebbiano 10%


Dry - Sweet


Light-Full bodied


Service temperature

12 - 14 ° C

Bottle ageing

18 months

Oak ageing

18 months

Bottles / year

3 500


Yield / hectare

3500 Kg

Vineyard age

10 years

Gambero Rosso





Before moms226,40 kr.
moms56,60 kr.
Price283,00 kr.

About the producer: Maria Pia Castelli

The Maria Pia Castelli Winery produces natural fine wines using selected grapes and the best equipment: a perfect blend of tradition and innovation.
When Maria Pia’s father, Erasmo Castelli, established the winery in 1999, driven by his passion and expert skills, he intended to make only top of the range wines.
Since then, under the capable management of Maria Pia and her husband Enrico Bartoletti, the company has achieved top quality in just a few years. Both at home and abroad, the wines are acknowledged as some of the most appealing on the Piceno viticultural scenario.
The secret of the success of Maria Pia Castelli’s wines is revealed by some unique, special aspects of working the soil, tending the vines and processing the grapes. The vineyard is painstakingly cared for, from the time of meticulous winter pruning, followed by biodynamic treatments and thinning of excess grapes, keeping only the best. Finally, grapes are harvested by hand.
The underlying principle is very simple: quality is preferable to quantity.
From the vine to the cask, every process is completely natural, using traditional methods, and each stage is performed by hand.