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Ludi, as the Latin root of its name suggests, from Latin ludo – play, was born as a game for fun and its name is the confirmation: we should always remember that there is a strong bond between wine, pleasure and enjoyment but obviously made with the utmost seriousness.
With Ludi we got in the game to play a new game ... it is not a finishing line but a starting point..
COLOUR Deep ruby red.
BOUQUET Penetrating aromas that linger and carry to the nose precise scents of ripe, pulpy fruit, especially cherry and blackberry, along with hints of graphite and liquorice.
TASTE Austere, silky mouthfeel, with a strong impact and with excellent follow-through, a strong, unerring character hallmarked by dense yet soft, subtle tannins.

HARVEST Hand picked, early morning or late afternoon, placed in small trays and kept in cold cells before being taken to the winery. Mid October.
FERMENTATION After destemming, the grapes are channelled into 200hl steel fermenting vats, equipped with temperature control system (26-28°C) and a pump over system to achieve the best colour extraction and softness results for the wine. Maceration on the lees lasts for about 20-25 days. After fermentation the wine is drawn off into new barriques personally selected by the enologist from a range of French handcraft cooperages and then left for about 18 months. The different typologies of wine are kept separate until they are assembled, which occurs after a careful selection of barrique products.

Suggested dish-matching

You can drink it alone. Cheese, meat and some nice vegetables will perfectly match with this special taste.



Grape variety

Montepulciano 50% Cabernet Sauvignon 30% Merlot 20%

Dry - Sweet


Light-Full bodied


Service temperature

16-18 °C

Bottle ageing

12 months

Oak ageing

18 months


Yield / hectare

6500 Kg

Vine-trees / hectare


Closure Type

Natural cork

Gambero Rosso





Before moms264,80 kr.
moms66,20 kr.
Price331,00 kr.

About the producer: Velenosi Vini

Velenosi's farm was founded in 1984 by two young entrepreneurs, Angela and Ercole Velenosi. In 2005, with the arrival of a new partner, Dr. Paul Garbini, Velenosi Ltd was created. Over three decades, their passion has allowed them to learn quickly, to improve the production techniques and create a respectable winery where, through the use of advanced equipment, they produce quality wine.


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