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Crivellino Rosso

Making this very special wine begins with the harvest hand made, followed by a vinification procedure aided by long maceration. After remaining on fine lees, it is aged for about 9 months in wooden barrels coming from three different geographical areas. Depending on the characteristics of the particular harvest season, the best qualities of this Piceno red wine are then brought out by ageing in the bottle for another 3-5 years.

Suggested dish-matching

Since the wine's structure combines robust body with a high tannin level, it is appropriate to accompany strong flavours such as aged pecorino cheese, red meat or game.


Rosso Piceno DOP

Grape variety

Montepulciano 50% Sangiovese 50%

Alcohol Content


Dry - Sweet


Light-Full bodied


Service temperature

16 - 18 °C

Bottle ageing

36 months

Oak ageing

9 months

Bottles / year

10 000


Yield / hectare

8000 kg

Vineyard age

20-25 years

Vine-trees / hectare


Closure Type

Natural cork


Before moms160,00 kr.
moms40,00 kr.
Price200,00 kr.

About the producer: La Fontursia

A twenty-year long practice in organic cultivation methods comes after decades-long experience of the Veccia family in wine-making, together with their readiness to use new technology which made it possible. La Fontursia developed its own methods of cultivation, followed up by a careful choice of grapes in the harvest phase, all designed to limit the yield per hectare and to obtain wines that best express the typical quality of the local grapes. In the phase of vinification as well the winery has achieved exceptional results through the application of modern technology to the traditional methods.
The name La Fontursia derives from the language of the ancient "Tusci" population that in fact once had a settlement located on the road leading to the present vineyard. They occupied a fort located next to an important spring that at the time was called "Spring of the Tusci” and was reputed to have restorative powers. The vineyard is characterized by its splendid position, being situated between the Adriatic Sea, just 3 km away as the crow flies and the Monti Sibillini. Its hilly location, together with the sea breezes, gives rise to a cool and temperate climate that when combined with the fertile, sandy soil create a proper balance of soil and climatic conditions that is, ideal for the growing of grapevines.