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A 2 days visit, first time in Copenhagen.

That's how I met my current partner. Then we began a new adventure.

My name is Valentino Servizi and live in Denmark since 2011, with my partner and our children.

Thanks to an European funding for young entrepreneurs I have had the opportunity to do an interesting experience at Vivino which has been very exciting.

I am very happy to live in Denmark with my family and cultivate my passion for Italy which allows me to discover new wines and specialties to share with my Danish friends.


Address: John Tranums Alle, 7 - 2TV
2770 Kastrup
Copenhagen DK

Phone DK: +45 50 74 30 44
VAT NUMBER: DK34378355

Here in Denmark everybody seems to love Italy, especially in Copenhagen.
Rome, Venice and Florence are places that everybody dreams and the luckiest who experienced travelling there are telling with passion their stories.
We can say the same about Italian wine. Everybody knows everything about Brunello di Montalcino, Barolo or Amarone. Who has tasted them tells how special they are, who didn't taste them is looking forward for that.
But here comes my question: is there anybody thinking this is all Italy can give?
Is it really just about Rome, Venice and Florence?
Is it really just about Brunello, Barolo and Amarone?
Fortunately the answer is: NO, it isn't. That's only the top of a huge iceberg. Perhaps the most popular, like the cover of a huge historic hand written book.
Italy counts more than 350 different vines genders which generate grapes having different characteristics according to the territory where they grow. All the wine produced in the new world - e.g. Chile, Argentina, South Africa - is made by 10 or 15 varieties of grape.
Centuries of tradition in Italy have refined at least a great wine for each one of the 1000 city present in Italy, a great wine for each dialect Italians speak.
As a language is continuously evolving through its various slangs, so the Italian wine presents infinite varieties constantly evolving and reflecting the choices of the wine makers, made to delight local demanding palates.
Travelling a life time in Italy is not enough to get knowing even a part of all this millenary wine tradition. For wine passionate this means having the possibility of undertaking a journey which set aside for each day a surprise, kept for you in each bottle of wine you don't know.
So join us and start travelling with us through Italy step by step or, even better, sip by sip!